Dr. Flannery’s insistence for the highest quality products with ease of access for customers is why he created Eagle by Dr. Robb.

Most pre-rolls on the market are filled with leftover trim and leaves, resulting in a lower quality product. Additionally, the packaging for these pre-rolls causes them to dry out and quickly lose their aromas and flavors once it is opened. The California market deserves better.

eagle by Dr. Robb

• California sun-grown, pesticide-free Cannabis whole flower.

• Carefully curated strains in four categories - Indica, Hybrid, Sativa and CBD (Sativa and CBD available in Q2 2018)

• Individually sealed pre-rolls in mylar sleeves:

   - preserves the freshness of the flower and prevents degradation
   - when sealed, the aroma of each pre-roll is not detected
   - allows for our customers to be discreet with their medicine

Each pack:

• 5 pre-rolls
• Net weight of 3.5 grams of whole flower only.