Consulting Services

Dr. Robb Farms provides consulting services for cultivators throughout the United States. Dr. Robert Flannery, the First PhD of Pot ™, has spent the last 18 years perfecting his Standard Operating Procedures to optimize commercial cannabis cultivation. Dr. Robb Farms offers commercial cultivators the ability to license Dr. Flannery’s proprietary SOPs. Dr. Robb Farms also provides management services to operators.


The Dr. Robb Farms Standard Operating Procedures were developed by Dr. Robert Flannery over the course of his 18 years of horticulture experience and expertise. The Dr. Robb Farms SOPs offer the following clear advantages:

• No Crop Loss - Dr. Robb Farms SOPs have never lost a crop.

• Higher Yield Per Light - Dr. Robb Farms SOPs average 2.8 - 3.2 lbs per light

• High Quality - Dr. Robb Farms SOPs grow clean, pesticide free flower

• Technology - Dr. Robb Farms SOPs utilize the most cutting edge technology to ensure efficiency and crop optimization.


By hiring the Dr. Robb Farms team to manage your cultivation, you will get the peace of mind of having the first PhD in the United States with the education and technical training in commercial Cannabis on your team. To find out more about our Management Services please submit your information below.