Mom’s Formula

Post cancer treatment, Dr. Flannery’s Mom endured higher levels of stress and anxiety that micro-dosing of Cannabis helped alleviate. This is why Dr. Flannery created Mom’s Formula.

Three key barriers for inexperienced Cannabis users:

• “Do I have to smoke it?”
• “How do I know that it’s clean?”
• “How do I know the dosage?”

Mom’s formula is an accurate and safe daily tablet that can be taken orally. Mom’s Formula is meant to be taken once-a-day like a multivitamin or fish oil pill.


• Promotes a feeling of “well-being” and tends to decrease anxiety levels.
• THC and CBD are strong anti-inflammatories - which has a bevy of health benefits.

Mom’s Formula:

• Four different scientifically measured formulas
• Pesticide-free THC and Cannabidiol (CBD) extractions
• Precise dosage

Mom’s Formula is available in the following formulations:

• 1:1 CBD to THC
• 5:1 CBD to THC