“Great art makes you feel something, and that is a uniquely human act. To see and create Beauty, is to deepen our relationship with Beauty. And so I try and find a pure state of total attention and original thought, and let a Higher Power speak through my artwork. My father once said: “Turn on the Creative Force, and Let Nature take its Course.”


Hermosa Beach artist Rafael McMaster works within, beyond, and between the mediums of acrylic, oil, watercolor, graphite, illustration, and photography. The interplay between the disciplines acts as an inspiration to his work, which incorporates involved, complex and experimental processes. The local artist has a fashion design degree from the Art Institute of Seattle and has designed clothing lines for Puma and many others. Alongside clothing, Rafael has designed multiple lines of snowboards, Webby award nominated websites, and brand and design work from Chris Paul to Matthew McConaughey to MEK denim.